Latest Netflix Release Damsel Starring Millie Bobby Brown: Know Everything Here

Latest Netflix Release Damsel Starring Millie Bobby Brown: Know Everything Here

Netflix’s recent release of the movie Damsel, starring Millie Bobby Brown, has truly made fans over the moon with an enchanting yet dangerous representation of a dragon. Yes! You heard it right, a dragon! Any Game of Thrones fans here? They certainly know how much a dragon means in a storyline. Let’s take a deeper look at all the details related to Damsel. 

Netflix Release Damsel Storyline

Netflix Release Damsel Starring Millie Bobby Brown
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The movie starts with the era of kings and queens where Elodie, played by our favorite Mille Bobby Brown, is the daughter of Lord Bayford. Their land has run out of food for their people, and to help with that, they received an offer from a faraway land. Elodie and her family needed to accept the offer to help their people. The real story begins after they all reach Aurea. 

After a beautiful and intimate wedding ceremony, there were some ancient rituals. Per the rituals, she was part of the sacrifice where she was thrown into a deep dark cave, basically as the human sacrifice to a dragon. 

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Not a “Damsel” AT ALL

As the movie’s name suggests, Elodie was no damsel in distress – opposite to this famous phrase. Even after the fire-breathing dragon hurts her, she tries to escape and fight against the creature until the very end. The entire film has some fantastic scenes and dialogues. The storyline and storytelling are also exciting and keep you fascinated until the end. 

Things to Look for and Enjoy to the Fullest

The entire cast of the film Damsel played their parts in fascinating manners. Millie Bobby Brown and the Dragon, voiced by Shohreh Aghdashloo, Nick Robinson, and Angela Bassett, are especially outstanding. Fans might know Angela Bassett from the popular series 9-1-1. 

Dan Mazeau directed the film, and the director was Juan Carlos Fresnadillo. The producer team includes Chris Castaldi, Joe Roth, and Chris Castaldi. John Gilbert was the film’s editor, and Larry Fong was the cinematographer. The film Damsel was released on Netflix on 8th March 2024 – on International Women’s Day. 

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